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The Heirachy Of TheOpenGate


The Basic membership Level of the Open gate. Any person who desire to get invlove in charity can join the TOG Members chategory . All you have to do is fill in the registration form provided. This will be the primary level to advance into TheOpenGate.

The Marketing Team

Only The Truely passionate once make it out into this circle, The face of TheOpenGate.LK "The Marketing Team". People with special skills in marketing platforms can apply but only the best will be selected. You will have to be a member and show your true colors in order to make it out to his circle

The Exco

The "Superiors" of TheOpenGate.Lk .The Highest position holders. The decision makers. Only the Elite can Join this group. The passion you show along with your dedication can grant access into this inner circle. Not much highlighted as TheMarketingTeam. But There is no OpenGate without the Exco